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Choice CyberSecurity Methodology

Assess. Address. Maintain.® is a proprietary, end-to-end process



A clear, 360° view of security risks and vulnerability gaps.

Choice CyberSecurity completes a unique comprehensive risk assessment to identify improvements and provide a set of remediation efforts within a compliance framework that need to be completed to ensure a secure network infrastructure. 


Build defenses against security attacks.

CCS has curated over 25 layers of defense to ensure the success of your networks' first line of defense. 

  • Awareness Training 
  • Password Management 
  • Policy Remediation
  •  Mobile Device Management


Ongoing Proactive Services

Discover new ways to prevent risk of a cyber attack with continuous Security and Compliance services.

  • Compliance as a Service 
  • Auditing & Logging 
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service
  • And more!