Network Scan Expectations

Choice will conduct network scans with state of the art vulnerability scanning tools for all facilities and perform a review of systems to determine the level of security and compliance.


Our scans will uncover active security gaps on your network by IP address and location to discover your organization’s actual exposures. In addition, they will provide you with a virtual map of your exposure to create a detailed remediation plan. We will be utilizing 4 tools to conduct the following scans:

  • Network Asset Scans
  • Software Vulnerability Scans
  • Internal & External Vulnerability Scans
  • PII Scans


Our goal is to scan all network devices in addition to the physical, on-site equipment. All equipment must be powered on and readily available for our scans to be effective. It is critical to inform your staff to keep all machines powered on during our scan times. We will communicate your specific scanning windows and send you a reminder the day prior to your scans. Please educate your staff accordingly. 


We will conduct our scans at a dedicated convenient time for your organization. Please take into consideration that these scans may take up to 3 business days to complete depending on the device and vulnerabilities. 

Network Impact

Our tools are well vetted to ensure the safety of your systems. They are not intrusive and should not cause any network issues or downtime. If you have concerns, we can conduct our scans outside of your normal business hours assuming all assets can be powered on and made visible for our scanning tools.

Workflow Operations

Our scanning process should not impact your daily operations or workflow. All business should be conducted as usual so that we can get a proper network assessment of your data in motion. It is important that all team members their natural data flow so that we can conduct a proper assessment of employee operations to create impactful results and resolution suggestions.

Employee Impact

All network devices will be scanned for vulnerabilities. This includes all mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. While we will be looking for active vulnerabilities, we will not have visibility into specific sensitive information. Our scans will provide us with the location of each sensitive file but they will not disclose the specific information. For example, a social security number will appear as xxx-xx-xx23.


For any issues or concerns regarding your scans, please email